2017 – present

3D Designer

I am part of the design team responsible for researching, designing and creating digital dentures.

2017 – present

3D Visual Artist/Sculptor (Freelance)

Ascom Polyester
I am responsible for making themed models and sculpts for rollercoasters that will be built and used on real rollercoasters.

2016 – 2017

3D Animator

I was part of the animation team that is working on a “to be announced” triple a game. I worked on character and environment animations.


3D Visual Artist/Level Designer

I was responsible for all the 3D modeling at Chimpworks. I also implement and test the models in Unity. Other work activities include level design.

2015 – 2016

Lead Artist

Topia Team
I led the art team and assisted the team where needed. Other work activities were prop modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, level and game design. They use Unity as their game engine.


3D Visual Artist

Topia Team
When I was a Visual Artist at Topia Team I was responsible for character modeling, prop modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, level and game design. After a half year they assigned me to become lead artist.


Level Designer (Freelance)

I designed 6 new racing tracks for the expansion of the game Highway Rally made by M2H.


Animator/Prop modeler (Freelance)

Sticky Studios
I created 3D props and worked on the rig of the main character for the game of the movie “Gangster Squad” from Warner Brothers.

2012 – 2013

Lead Artist

My responsibilities were guiding and assisting the other artists within the company while working on rigging and animation.


Character Rigger/Animator (Freelance)

Sticky Studios
I rigged and animated 12 characters for the advert game “Batman the Fire Rises” for the film “The Dark Knight” from Warner Brothers. Furthermore I worked on the project “Madagascar: Race Across Europe”. In this project I rigged and animated a cow that you can find in a variety of places within the game.

2012 – present


Marvin Roelofs
This is my own freelance company which is mainly focused on 3D animation but also other disciplines within game development.

2007 – 2013

Lead Animator/Character Designer/Game and Level Designer

Work activities: I was responsible for the complete character pipeline. Furthermore I worked on level design and testing.


2007 – 2015

International Game Architecture and Design

NHTV University of Applied Sciences
Graduation: Created a game on my own in Unity
Specialization: Unity research on animation
(Diploma acquired)

2003 – 2007

Multimedia Design

Eindhovense School
MBO, Niveau 4
Specialization: Animation
(Diploma acquired).

1998 – 2002

Graphic Design

Grafisch Lyceum
VMBO, Niveau D
(Diploma acquired).


Ben Stanton

Lead Animator / Crystal Dynamics

I was one of Marvin’s direct managers during his time on the Avengers Project. We had a lot to complete in a very short amount of time and Marvin was vital to landing all we needed to land. He had to navigate a very technical gauntlet with learning an engine and pipeline in a very short amount of time, along with completing a myriad of animation tasks. We landed everything we were aiming for and Marvin was a huge aspect of that success. I’m happy to recommend Marvin for his animation skillset.


Peter Deurloo

Game Director / Nixxes

Marvin is a very passionate aspiring animator who works incredibly hard to improve on his skills every single day.

Marvin was thrown in the deep-end with nigh impossible deadlines to hit, yet Marvin never ceased to lose his positive attitude and can-do mentality and managed to keep his head above water at all times.

Marvin is that guy that helps remind you that it’s great to work in games no matter how hard it can get at times.


Justin van Luijk

Producer / Nixxes

I’ve met Marvin at Nixxes, where he delivered superb animation work for a specific game title in the field of in-game environment and characters.

Working with Marvin feels special. He’s a great colleague and a nice person with a good sense of humor. He’s a good addition to your team and is prepared to go for the extra mile.

I would definitely recommend Marvin for any job opportunity that matches his profile.

Software Skills






3Ds Max

Unreal Engine

Art Skills






Companies Worked For









Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day

I was part of the animation team on this project.

TopiaTrainer Farm Theme

This is one of the art styles I created for Topia Trainer.

Robot Centipede

This model was made for the Woven Kickstarter Campaign.

Little Robot

This robot was made for the Oculus Rift Jam.

Desert Berber

The main character from my graduation project.

Ford Mustang

The goal was to make a realistic Ford Mustang.

Clown Theme Coaster

A high resolution sculpt that is mounted on a real life rollercoaster.

King Solomon’s Sword

This is my graduation project made in Unity.

TopiaTrainer Ranks

The ranks where used for the TopiaTrainer ranking system.

Pocketmobs vector art

Vector art for the game Pocketmobs.

Sheriffs & Sombreros

A multiplayer game made for the Global Game Jame 2013.

Pony Panic

A Game for the Games 4Health Jam 2011.


Let’s Socialize

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